Starting and Maintaining a Vibrant Coaching Practice

September 15, 2016 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Georgia Schaffer
Catherine Hart Weber

The field of professional coaching continues to be a growing opportunity as a business and for transforming lives. However, maybe the idea of starting a vibrant coaching practice seems overwhelming to you… or it might be harder and taking longer than you imagined. Whether you are beginning your business or have been coaching for years, this interactive intensive will inform you of the latest trends and research, as well as equip you with effective coaching strategies and practices essential to organizing and building a thriving practice.

Training Modules
Session 1: Introduction to the latest trends and reality check of professional coaching
Session 2: Overview of research and modeling of essential coaching skills
Session 3: The vibrant person of the coach; the importance of living what you practice and the mindsets that hinder results
Session 4: Developing your coaching practice vision and mission; choosing a promising coaching specialization
Session 5: Organizing and growing your coaching practice like an entrepreneur
Session 6: Building a client base: Creating visibility and marketing to maintain a vibrant practice

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
1. Investigate the practice of professional coaching and current updates and trends in the profession
2. Discuss the distinctive role of a coach and coaching as a calling; the differences between coaching and counseling; and ethical liabilities (session includes coaching skills role-play and reviewing research and case studies)
3. Explore the crucial role of a coach and the importance of the person as the coach; recognize the three biggest mistakes most coaches make that prevent results and the biggest barrier to a successful coaching outcome; and discuss the importance of coach mentoring, accountability and ongoing training
4. Integrate your vision, mission and dreams of a promising coaching specialization; clarify your target audience; and explore the spiritual considerations of your coaching calling
5. Be provided an overview of coaching practice: fee structure, session flow, intake forms, assessments and other essential practice resources
6. Learn practical strategies for branding, marketing, and building a client base; distinguish how to avoid the main reasons why life coaching practices fail; and identify three hidden places to find clients