All-day Workshops

001: How to Start and Manage an Effective Lay Counseling Ministry
Eric Scalise, Ph.D. and Siang-Yang Tan, Ph.D.

Morning Workshops (8:30 – 11:45 AM)

005: Helping People Become More than Conquerors through the Traumas and Tragedies of Life: Emotional and Relational Intelligence (ERQ) and Contemplative Spirituality in Real Life
Gary Oliver, Ph.D. and H. Norman Wright, M.A., D.Min.

006: The Smart Stepfamily: Strengthening Blended Families through Ministry and Counseling
Ron Deal, M.MFT.

007: Rethinking Anxiety and Depression: A Christian Psychology Approach to Healing Emotional Disorders
Eric Johnson, Ph.D., Shannon Wolf, Ph.D. and David Jenkins, Psy.D.

008:The Roadmap: Counseling Strategies that Work to Repair an Emotionally Destructive Marriage
Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.

009: Using LifeMapping® as a Life Coaching and Counseling Tool
John Trent, Ph.D. and Kari Trent Stageberg, M.B.A.

010: When Your Spouse is a Sex Addict: A Couple’s Toolkit for Navigating the Journey to Healing Together
Mark Laaser, Ph.D. and Debbie Laaser, M.MFT.

Afternoon Workshops (1:45 – 5:00 PM)

016: Five Pillars of Emotionally Intelligent Kids: Practical, Everyday Strategies Every Parent Can Implement
Joshua Straub, Ph.D.

017: Prejudice and Racism: How Should Christians Respond? Standing Front and Center Against Racial Bias, Prejudice, and Discrimination
Mark Crear, Ph.D.

018: Chronic Pain and the Opioid Use and Abuse Epidemic
Linda Mintle, Ph.D. and Michael Lyles, M.D.

019: Christian Counseling Ethics and the Law: 21st Century Developments and Issues
John Sandy, J.D. and Jeanneane Maxon, J.D.

020: 10 Key Concepts for a Surprising Marital Sex Life: Observations from a Combined 120 Years in the Sex Therapist Chair
Doug Rosenau, Ed.D., Clifford Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N., R.N.

021: Leading from Your Gut
John Townsend, Ph.D.