All-Day Workshops
001: A Christian Psychology of Grace: Investigating and Appropriating Its Effect
Robert Emmons, Ph.D., Kelly Kapic, Ph.D., Eric L. Johnson, Ph.D. and Shannon Wolf, Ph.D.

002: Love, Sex and Marriage: Intimacy Challenges and Sex Therapy
Doug Rosenau, Ed.D., Clifford Penner, Ph.D. and Joyce Penner, M.N., R.N.

003: Communication and Conflict Resolution for Couples
Linda Mintle, Ph.D., Sharon May, Ph.D., Alan Hart, M.S., M.A.

Morning Workshops (8:30 – 11:45 AM)
004: Unresolved Loss and Trauma: Counseling Couples and Families in the Healing Journey
H. Norman Wright, M.A. and Gary Oliver, Ph.D.

005: The Fight of His Life: Men, Porn, Sexual Addiction and Freedom
Mark R. Laaser, Ph.D. and William Struthers, Ph.D.

006: Shaking the Blues; Treating Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Paul Meier, M.D. and Margaret Nagib, Psy.D.

007: Personal Impact Coaching: Writing, Speaking and Leading Well
Rolfe Carawan, M.Ed. and Lea Carawan, M.A.

008: iContact vs. Eye Contact: Whey Every Counselor and Parent Needs to Know about Technology, Social Media and Today’s Adolescent
Joshua Straub, Ph.D.

009: Abuse Recovery: Victory Over the Victim Mentality
June Hunt, M.A.

Afternoon Workshops (1:45 – 5:00 PM)
010: Legal and Ethical Issues: Modern Day Trends and Issues
David Jenkins, Psy.D. and Jeannine Maxxon, J.D.

011: Today’s Blended Families: Issues, Challenges and Interventions
Ron Deal, M.MFT.

012: The Suicide Epidemic: Research, Theology, Interventions and Grief Support
Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A. and Kevin Ellers, D.Min.

013: Race, Culture, The Church and Counseling: What You Need to Know
Mark Crear, Ph.D.

014: Helping Clients Go the Hard Way
John Townsend, Ph.D.

015: The New Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts: Everything You Need for Helping Couples Launch a Lifetime Love
Les Parrott, Ph.D.